Top 5 luxury, cheapest hotel in Bacninh City 2019

You are planning to travel or work long days in Bac Ninh city, but are having difficulty in finding a luxury hotel, comfortable, spacious and fully equipped with modern equipment that price reasonable? If so we would like to introduce to you the Top # 5 hotels in Bac Ninh luxurious and most modern in 2019, with very reasonable prices. List in hand this list, trip / travel you will definitely complete and a lot smoother.

Top # 5 hotels in Bac Ninh

#1. Hana Apartment & Hotel 

 Referring to the hotel in Bac Ninh have the middle price range but provides complete utility for travelers then Hana Aparment & Hotel is quite optimal choice. Hana Apartment &Hotel is a system consisting of two hotel apartments, located in urban areas Hudland, Bac Ninh city center. It focuses sizable foreigners to live as Korea, China. The hotel décor is quite open, close to nature and full of lush green surrounding. 

A special feature of Hana Apartment & Hotel is in each of the hotel apartments are built a small kitchen area, suitable for both tourists on a short term or long term in the city of Bac Ninh.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hana Apartment & Hotel:

Pros: wide Rooms, nice, clean, quiet, individually, have wifi at a reasonable price. The hotel serves buffet dishes, for South Korea, the menu changes by date
Cons: hard to find because the position is located in the municipality should be much the same way. Can search on google map.
Rate:  500,000vnd – 800,000vnd Depending on the room
: Số 6-7-8, Võ Cường 4, Khu đô thị HUDLAND, TP Bắc Ninh, Tỉnh Bắc Ninh

*Add2: Số 7, Võ Cường 12, Khu đô thị HUDLAND, TP Bắc Ninh, Tỉnh Bắc Ninh

#2. Diamond Hotel 1&2

As Hana Aparment & Hotel Hotel, Diamond Hotel also includes 2 luxury hotel with spacious green space around. Hotel Diamond 1 & 2 are relatively large scale with the number of rooms to over 100 rooms, suitable for Group travel, festivals in Bac Ninh. However, like all the other hotels in Bac Ninh due to the number of rooms a lot, so the room was fairly small share. A special feature of this hotel is that all rooms are using glass wall bathrooms, suitable for couples, couples traveling.

Advantages and disadvantages of Daimond Hotel:

Pros: Clean, quiet, individual room wifi, reasonable price.
Cons:The hotel does not have breakfast , Location is hard to find, a small room area, employees with limited language

Rate:  500,000vnd – 1,000,000vnd Depending on the room
Website: None
Address: số 33 đường Hoàng Hoa Thám, phường Võ Cường, thành phố Bắc Ninh

#3. Bac Ninh Charming Hotel

 Bac Ninh Charming Hotel is located in the Ly Thai To Street, near the city clock column Bac Ninh. Customers can dine at the restaurant in the hotel. Here, you can use the wifi and free parking. 
The rooms are fully equipped with the necessary equipment such as air conditioning, cable TV flat screen and high speed kettle. Some rooms have balconies overlooking the city.
Guests can use a few extensions at the front desk as the computer, put the bus back to the city. Laundry service and an airport shuttle can be arranged at the request of guests with surcharges included.
Hotels Charming Hotel BacNinh about 28km from Noi Bai

Advantages and disadvantages of Bacninh Charming Hotel:

Ưu điểm: Clean, easy to find, located in the downtown area., The hotel serves breakfast
Nhược điểm: The rate is slightly higher than the ground
Rate:  1,000,000vnd – 1,600,000vnd Depending on the room
Address: 3 Lê Thái Tổ, Võ Cường, Bắc Ninh, Việt Nam

#4. APA Hotel

APA HOTEL is a hotel with 3 * standard consists of 10 floors and scale the 52 rooms, the plus point for this hotel is the space inside the hotel lobby is quite nice and spacious. APA hotel are equipped with many modern facilities. gives visitors the feeling of comfort and comfort.

APA Hotel is located in the municipality of Hudland, is the Korean quarter zoomed in BAC Ninh province, around this area there are many restaurants, massages, entertainment services meet all of dormancy.

Advantages and disadvantages of APA Hotel:

Pros: Clean, beautifully decorated, reasonably priced 
hotel with breakfast
Cons: Rates are slightly higher compared with the
Rate: 700,000vnd đến 1,000,000vnd Depending on the room
Address: 34 Ngô Tất Tố, Thành Phố Bắc Ninh

#5. Phoenix 3 Hotel

Hotels Phoenix 3 is placed near the city center of Bac Ninh, Hanoi and from Noi Bai International Airport is around 35 kilometers. Operations in 2012, is one of the hotels in Bac Ninh with 2-star standard. Hotels equipped interior equipment facilities to serve tourists. This hotel has a total of 80 rooms and includes a café downstairs space 1, is very suitable for couples or people in long term. Although the hotel has a 7 year old, but it certainly deserves 3 Hotel Phoenix is ​​an ideal choice for travelers coming to the city of Bac Ninh

Advantages and disadvantages of Phoenix 3 Hotel:

Pros: Clean, affordable , hotel with breakfast 
Cons: The hotel has a long operation, the facilities are not new
Rate: 600,000vnd đến 900,000vnd Depending on the room
Adress: Số 17 Đường Hai Bà Trưng – Phường Suối Hoa – TP Bắc Ninh – Tỉnh Bắc Ninh – Việt Nam

Certainly after watching this article you would have to manually choose yourself a hotel in the northern mid-range security, reasonable price and still have great quality, right? Make traveling, his work became more perfect yet.

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