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Previously Vietnam is known as a famous place of culinary discovery and backpacker, now everything has changed. In the years from 2016 to 2019 the number of Korean tourists to Vietnam has increased rapidly, accounting for the majority of foreigners coming to Vietnam. Before that opportunity, for the hotel industry are also things to note when serving Korean tourists. This article will introduce how to seating Korea and 7 things to keep in mind when serving Korean tourists

#1 Should greet a visitor Korea like?

Korean tourists are welcomed with love languages both Korea and Vietnam, thus “An-Nhong-ha-shay-yo” and “Hello” is a greeting used two most. Accompanied by those solemn gesture is bowed and smiled. If the first meeting you should not call them by name, unless they themselves suggest.

The greeting seemed simple, but it is crucial to successful sizable or failure of your business with Korean guests. Who serve, we must always keep a solemn attitude and be polite to the elderly, people with high positions. In particular, the honorific is part indispensable communication style to express respect.

Ví dụ: 고객님 / 손님 (Guest), 사장님 (Director), 과장님 (Manage)

#2 Communicate with South Korea and the taboo Notes

Each ethnic group there are always a symbol of good luck, or bad luck … peace in the land of kimchi, too, they have the concept of lucky and unlucky the according color, behavior, child No …

If as with Vietnam and China red is shown with Korean lucky opposite. For them, the red represents the death and curse. Therefore the hotel reception should note should not use red pen to write your name or procedures check in / check out for guests. Because if you write their name or put a red pen for Korean visitors to sign, they may think you are cursing them “go” early.

When given something for Korean tourists, you should take it with both hands with reverence, especially with the elderly. Do not use left hand when communicating because this shows a lack of respect for customers.

#3 Korean tourists, how to communicate behave in ages?

Just as Vietnam, when talking to your older guests should begin with attention to health and do not forget to praise the change in their health. With their young guests very lively and funny, after only a few times to talk to your relationship and they will certainly be different.

#4 Koreans and the most used words

Most words used in conversations with Koreans is “Yes”, it shows they are very hard to listen to your story and it is unlikely that they agree with you.

#5 Lot Korean cosmetic surgery, but they do not like to mention it

Korea is a country leader in cosmetic surgery and beauty technology but do not be foolish to ask them about this subject. Like us, everyone wants to be a natural compliment, right?

#6 Sochu famous wine of Korea but pour wine must also have skills

The drinking party at the restaurant on a cold winter day with a glass of wine Sochu is too familiar image of Korean culture. If you are lucky enough to be a certain Korean guests invited to drink a glass, then congratulations, you did achieve quite the department communicate with the Koreans already.

However, this can also be a “trap” that makes you lose image in the eyes of the guests sitting opposite you. So we need to do to the drinking party in a state always cheerful, polite?

Should actively pouring for elderly, high office.
When pouring to pouring with two hands.
Recipients must also be wine show respect by raising the cup with both hands, thank after filling is complete.
After pouring the wine was done to you, then you should pour back to them with an attitude of respect
Especially, when pouring wine you have to pay attention not to touch the glass of the bottle because that’s how …. pour wine for the deceased.

#7 Lucky numbers and unlucky for Korean tourists, is what?


Therefore, when hotels would like to donate a gift for Korean guests, we should avoid the number 4 and the multiples of 4. Moreover, when the gift for Korea, we should choose wrapping paper with colors are gold and red, packages are fine shades, bridges of square. When donating and receiving gifts are always given with both hands, Koreans do not usually open gifts in front of people. However, when the relationship became so close, they probably will ask for your consent to be “emotional” right in front of you.

On this is something to note when welcoming visitors from South Korea, with experience of this pocket, make sure your hotel you will get a very good review from those friends

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