A new trend of breakfast only available in Hana Apartment & Hotel Bac Ninh

Breakfast at the hotel has become a utility services indispensable for the vast majority of travelers. A hotel, despite all the facilities such as gym, spa, wifi, shuttle service …. However, if there is no breakfast service at the hotel, the hotel that has yet to bring the best experience customers, even can be a huge minus point. In fact, many reputable sites Lodging investigated and pointed out that breakfast is always the most important services, indispensable in every modern hotel.

Why breakfast at the hotel was extremely important?


Breakfast provides many benefits for guests staying at the hotel that would be the managers ignored, or did not think to. A delicious breakfast, complete with the necessary nutrients to help increase the joy and satisfaction to customers, giving customers like they are living in their own homes. Furthermore, breakfast at the hotel also gives your guests a lot of benefits such as:

No need to search hard light bars

Normal tourists staying at the hotel, they are not fluent in roads and locations around the diner. If your hotel does not offer breakfast at the hotel, they will have to spend a lot of time to search for a delicious breakfast bar and quality. Time wasted there, guests can take out to visit, work, company and handle many more important things.

 Breakfast is ready

Try to imagine, if every day you wake up and know the food is fresh and delicious waiting their “processing”. Surely, you are so relieved and happy to enjoy, right? Guests they also share that feeling with you.

Why go far?

In some cities characterized as Bac Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Hanoi, guests usually are businessmen, experts to Vietnam to work and study. They have a lot of work to do, such as attending a meeting or simply summon the staff are working for the company. Therefore, it is inconvenient if the guests have to go far to find breakfast, instead of breakfast at the hotel they were staying.

Trends breakfast at the hotel in the world

In Vietnam in particular and in general the whole world, breakfast is almost an indispensable service in hotels. According to a study by USA Today newspaper, Number hotel serves breakfast increased from 50% to 79% in just 2 years (2010-2012). This number is constantly being increased, suggesting breakfast at the hotel is an integral service in medium and large hotels. Therefore, it is ruled himself out of the game if the hotel does not serve breakfast. The hotel owners also do not worry about the cost of breakfast at the hotel, because we should include the cost of eating there in the room rate. Hotel front lot has revealed the cost of a good breakfast if only one contract, when included in hotel room rates have much longer can count on two contracts. So we do not have holes must not managers?

Breakfast in the room? Why not?

Now very rare hotels offer breakfast service in guest rooms, or if there is only found in 3-5 star hotels. A reality show, serving breakfast in the living room to bring a lot of benefits and emotional satisfaction to guests, including aerospace breakfast privacy, enjoy the same lover, ate breakfast may make the the guests as dressing and personal hygiene …

Hotels Hana Apartment & Hotel Bac Ninh is one of the few hotel units provide excellent services to clients. Here we not only have a great chef, but also have extremely diverse cuisine, full of nutrients for you. Contributed to a great day with your.

Hana Apartment & Hotel  Bac Ninh– Your warm house

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