Hana Aparment & Hotel Bac Ninh is a system that includes 2 apartment hotels and located in Hudland new urban area, centre of bacninh city.

Stick with the vision that built luxury and modern hotels, but also have good environment around. Therefore, the location of both hotels were selected nearby 2 big parks in order to bring our valued guests not only the comfortable staying, but fresh atmosphere for working also.

In each apartment of our Hana Apartment & Hotel Bac Ninh, there is a small kitchen area with the purpose is to give our guests who stay in the long-term a good condition of cooking themselves, they can use our kitchen to cook every meal by their own ways.

Hana Apartment & Hotel Bac Ninh – Apartment, hotel with tree

Suite room Hana 1 Apartment & Hotel Bac Ninh

Suite room và Deluxe room- Hana 2 Apartment & Hotel Bac Ninh

Hotline: 0964845538